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A novel by Dave Konig


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Listen to 3 time EMMY winner Dave Konig on The Rita Cosby Show, WABC Radio.

Good Luck, Mr. Gorsky on The Mark Simone Show, WOR Radio. Begins at 24:00.

"1980s, pre-Giuliani New York in all it's gritty, sleazy splendor..." - Mackenzie Dawson, New York Post

"I was dazzled, surprised, excited! A dark, biting comic novel - what could be better?"  - Rick Moody, NY Times bestseller The Ice Storm


"Dave Konig is a great wordsmith and a great comedian. A fascinating cast of characters in the seedy underbelly of NY City." - Rita Cosby, NY Times best-seller Quiet Hero

"Dave Konig is a great comedian, and this novel is fascinating. A great novel, it will really take you back to grimy, dirty pre-Giuliani New York. I love it because I love reading about New York in the 80's." - Mark Simone, WOR Radio.​

"I love this book!" - Ron McLarty, NY Times bestseller The Memory of Running

Crime. Addiction. Poverty. Gambling. Violence. Teenage runaways.


It's a comedy.

Good Luck, Mr. Gorsky, the first novel by 3-time Emmy Award winning comedian Dave Konig, is The Bowery Boys on speed in the wild, wild West Side of New York City of the early 1980s; cheap single-room occupancy hotels, crime, and Times Square sleaze. A more innocent time.

Three teenage runaways - naive Danny Fisher, street savvy Bobby Boyd, and Bobby's delusional artist brother James Boyd - form a wildly dysfunctional familial bond.


They dream, plot, and scheme to escape their misfit world through crime (a poorly planned robbery of valuable comic books), art (James is convinced his unsuccessful career as a graffiti artist will propel him to Hollywood fame), and a little help from a clown's car full of deposed Ping-Pong champions, fat junkies, washed-up boxers, midgets, aging Nazis, and enigmatic movie stars.






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