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A powerfully funny one camera comedy set in the insane world of show business.

Now that Curb Your Enthusiasm, Barry, Extras, and Flight of the Conchords have all injured

show business with insult - Danny Fleckner is here to add insult to injury...

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Danny was a child actor in the 80's, 

he got his big break as Danny Nickels on the hit sitcom The Nickels Next Door. The show ran for 12 years! The cast got rich, and America

fell in love with the adorable kid with the merchandise-ready catchphrase.


Unfortunately, that adorable kid was Danny Nickel's hilarious younger adopted Korean brother Charles. Danny was written off the show after one season. ("The writers put in some vague references to my character running away from home to work on the Alaskan pipeline... or going to military school in Greenland... they never even bothered to get it straight...")

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Forty years later...

Danny's still in show business, in hock up to his ears, with a wife who barely tolerates him, a couple of kids who (apparently) need to be fed daily, a therapist who    doesn't         understand  him,  stressful          phone  calls from his               elderly   stage mother,             and an incompetent                    agent   who was once a               big child  star   (before               he  went broke). But        Danny knows he's



 THISCLOSE to his big comeback!


Because he is a hack... um, JACK of all trades... every week Danny comes dangerously close to making his big comeback. He gets cast in a big Broadway musical!

Unfortunately it's Mondale , Lyn Manuel Miranda's ill-fated

follow-up to Hamilton, starring former child star

Jaleel "Urkel" White  It closes during intermission on its first preview...

Big director (and former child star) Ron Howard casts Danny in a one line part as a Confederate soldier in a remake of Gone With The Wind, but Danny has a panic attack and can't get the one line out - in the middle of the gazillion dollar recreation of the burning of Atlanta. The scene is ruined, the film is ruined, the studio is ruined, Ron Howard is ruined, Atlanta is ruined...

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Danny gets booked to do his stand up act on the maiden voyage of the world's biggest cruise ship.  Unfortunately the ship hits an iceberg and Danny becomes an international pariah shoving past women and children to save himself....

The Big Sleep

Danny's chronic "night time show business anxiety" keeps Sandy up all night and drives her crazy. She makes Danny check into a sleep clinic for a night - they plug Danny into monitors and light him up like a Christmas tree. Danny is such a difficult patient he gets kicked out of the clinic. Sandy checks herself into the clinic just to get away from Danny, and she finally gets a good night's sleep.

Debt of a Salesman

Danny's agent, Macaulay Culkin, talks Danny into signing up for a multi-level marketing scam "because every actor needs a second income."  Danny is skeptical. "Second? I don't even have a first income!" Danny gets completely brainwashed and annoys his friends and family trying to sell them a "miracle" vitamin elixer that promises to cure various diseases.  President Trump announces he is taking the elixer, sales go through the roof. Millions of Americans have an allergic reaction, the entire operation collapses in lawsuits, Danny and Macaulay end up in orange jumpsuits sentenced to community service picking up garbage on the side of the highway.

Everything's Coming Up Rosacea

Macaulay convinces Danny to promote his stand up comedy career by publicizing a personal tragedy. "Comics with personal tragedies are getting all the good buzz!" Danny has a mild case of roscaea, so they settle on that. They get Danny a deal for his own Netflix stand-up special of rosacea-related jokes "Danny Fleckner: Boy Is My Face Red!" It is not well received.

The Matrix

To inject new life into his mordant career, Danny tries putting together a web series "to show everyone the behind-the-scenes" , undeterred by his complete lack of knowledge of social media, and his misreading of the cultural landscape.  He explains to Sandy: "Everyone's posting crap on The Tik-Tac, and getting big TV deals out of it! I gotta get in on this!" "You mean Tik Tok?" "Um, yeah, whatever..."  He drives Sandy crazy following her around the apartment taping her every moment. Sandy finally explodes, and the video goes viral. "Woman explodes on idiot husband" gets over 40 million hits.

I Had A Dream

In one of his regular phone calls from his never-seen elderly stage mother (think a cross between Mama Rose and Wolowitz's mother on The Big Bang Theory), she encourages him to push his four year old daughter Kathy into show business. He broaches the subject with his wife Sandy, who is violently opposed: "No! One insane actor in the family is enough!" Sandy has to take the baby, Jerry, to the pediatrician and leaves Danny home to watch Kathy. Danny gets a last minute commercial audition and, with no baby sitter, brings Kathy along.  Danny doesn't get cast, but Kathy does.  Sandy is incensed, Danny has dollar signs in his eyes and becomes a monster stage father on the shoot, finally getting himself barred from the set.

The Incredible Shrinking Man

Macaulay gets Danny a pitch meeting at the offices of "TeenyTinyBi", the new streaming service developing "30 second TV shows - episodes so short they're over as soon as they begin!" Danny pitches a bunch of show ideas to the TeenyTinyBi execs, all of whom are under the age of 14 and seemingly suffer from attention deficit disorder. They can't sit still, constantly popping out of their seats, talking rapidly, unable to complete a sentence. They shoot down all of Danny's ideas as either not short enough ("That would take at least 45 seconds!"), or not "edgy" enough. On  his way out the door, frustrated and angry, Danny sarcastically pitches a terrible idea: "What do you want? I got it - how about a show with a talking sex doll? You like that?" The execs suddenly get very quiet. "Wait a minute! The sex doll talks? That's brilliant!" They give Danny a deal. Danny produces a thirty second TV show about a talking sex doll. It is so bad it bankrupts the company overnight.

The Bellboy

Big director (and former child star) Jodie Foster is in town, casting her new film. Macaulay can't get Danny an audition, so he encourages Danny to dress up as a bellhop to sneak into Foster's hotel room and impress her. "It's so crazy it just might work!" It doesn't work. Danny is quickly exposed as hotels don't have bellhops anymore, and he is placed under arrest.

More Episodes!

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3 time EMMY award winning producer/ writer / host NY Metro TV's Subway Q&A

As seen on The Marvelous Mrs, Crashing, Louie,

The Blacklist, Blue Bloods, Hunters and more...

Best selling author Good Luck, Mr. Gorsky

National headlining comedian.

represented by:

Bohemia Management

LA: Susan Ferris, Thalia Buitron  323-462-5800

NY: Naomi Kolstein 914-525-3586

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