Why Animals Sleep So Close To The Road...

sitcom pilot created by Dave & Susan Konig

 currently optioned by L.A. based production company Bohemia Group Originals

Good Luck, Mr. Gorsky - a novel by Dave Konig

novel & screenplay & full-length play



"I was dazzled, delighted, surprised! A dark, biting comic novel - what could be better?"

- Rick Moody, bestselling author The Ice Storm

"Required reading. A colorful cast of characters in 1980's New York City in all it's gritty, sleazy splendor." 

- NY Post

"Dave Konig is a great comedian and this novel is fascinating. It will really take you back to grimy, dirty,

pre-Giuliani New York."

- Mark Simone, WOR Radio

"Dave Konig is a great wordsmith and a great comedian.

A fascinating cast of characters in the seedy underbelly

of NYC."

- Rita Cosby, WABC Radio

"Dave Konig captures the essence of the dirty, seedy side

of Manhattan in the early 1980's. His attention to detail is impeccable. And it's a fun read!"

- The Novelist's Corner

Crime. Addiction. Poverty. Gambling. Violence. Teenage runaways. Stupidity.​ It's a comedy.

Good Luck, Mr. Gorsky, the first novel by 3-time Emmy Award winning comedian Dave Konig, is The Bowery Boys

on speed in the wild, wild West Side of '80s NYC; cheap single-room occupancy hotels, crime, and Times Square sleaze. A more innocent time.

Three teenage runaways - naive Danny Fisher, street savvy Bobby Boyd, and Bobby's delusional artist brother James Boyd - form a wildly dysfunctional familial bond.


They dream, plot, and scheme to escape their misfit world through crime, art, and a little help from a clown's car full of deposed Ping-Pong champions, fat junkies, washed-up boxers, midgets, aging Nazis, and enigmatic movie stars.

Death By Show Business

a quirky one camera half hour comedy by Dave Konig

Addicted to Show Business 

Web Series  written & created by Dave Konig

11 nominations LA Web Festival

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - "Tour De Farce"

spec script by Dave Konig

Midge and Susie's relationship is tested when they diverge on seperate roads: Midge is on the road to stardom

opening for Shy Baldwin, Susie is on

the road to a nervous breakdown managing Sophie Lennon. 

Jaywalking In Hollywood

a new novel by Dave Konig  / pub date: Spring 2020

Thirty five years after Good Luck, Mr. Gorsky, Danny Fisher is back. He's tap dancing as fast as he can trying to hustle up a deal in the only place on Earth scarier than 1980's NYC - modern day Hollywood!