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10 People You Didn't Know Were Celebrities!

Are you "out of touch"? Not "hip to the scene"? Don't know a Swanepool from a Gertz? Can't keep up with "who's who" in today's fast-paced celebrity fame culture? Don't feel inadequate, I'm here to help! Just click through your scorecard on who's "happening now"!
#1 - U Da Man, indy rapper
Seriously, you never heard of him? He's a big indy rapper.
#2 - Alvarado Jose Arrozconpollo - Web Actor
Has appeared in several webisodes produced by former students of the Upright Citizens Brigade. About to break big in web series, or on Instagram, or something. You don't know him? He's big.
#3 - Charitee Raynforest - You Tube mode
You really never heard of her? She's got over six million hits! What's with you?
#4 - Bewtay - Blogger
Her video went viral! Her blog is always reposted on other blogs! Come on, really - you should know this one! No? You should really spend more time online.
#5 - Jeffrey On The Air - Podcaster
You don't download "Jeffrey on the Air"?? His podcast gets lots of buzz! Did you park your Cube in space # L-7?
#6 - Angry Joe Mullins - Pundit
Come on, really? You've never seen Angry Joe? He's on all the cable news shows! He's always angry about something! In a recent poll, 32% of all Americans aged 18- 34 said they get their news from Angry Joe's guest appearances on the cable news shows.
#7 - Grandma Kardashian - Sex video star
Everybody works in this family! What? You haven't seen her sex video? It's all over! Warning: you can't unsee it.
#8 - otis b. driftwood - Event Goer, Tweeter
Goes to all the events. Then tweets about them. Other people retweet his tweets. Got in trouble for a tweet once, people wrote him nasty tweets in response - which he retweeted. Check your Twitter feed, he's all over the Twittersphere. The Twitterspere. It's in your Twitter feed. Man, you are just hopeless..
#9 - This guy
Umm, to be honest with you, I'm not quite sure what the story is here, but I'm told he's a big star.
#10 - Dave Konig - America's Most Beloved, Living Entertainer
You never heard of him? Well he never heard of you pal, whaddya think of that?!?

Dave Konig a 3 time Emmy winning comedian and the author of the novel

Good Luck, Mr. Gorsky.

"Dave Konig is a great comedian and this is a great novel. It will really take you back to grimy, dirty pre-Giuliani New York. I love it because I love reading about New York City in the '80's." - Mark Simone, WOR Radio

10 People You Didn't Know Were Celebrities!

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